GWire services and goods for substitution of imports

11 / 12 / 2019

The company GWire has been operating on the Russian market for more than a decade to produce and deliver accessories and components for customer devices. It also offers package assembly and refurbishment of customer devices. GWire is an example of successful localization of high-quality plastic hull pressure casting (without seams, shrinkages, and other defects).

The company mostly cooperates with Russian IT market majors and leading national IT operators. According to GWire Executive Director Ivan Beskaravainy, the telecom market is headed toward substitution of imports and full or partial production localization in Russia. As we are seeing an increasing demand of the telecom industry for substituting imported goods with domestic ones, we are set to offer goods and services for our clients wishing to substitute imports, he said.

During the Svyaz 2020 exhibition, GWire will present its accessories, such as remote controls, power units, HDMI and RCA cables, Ethernet patch cords, etc. The companys specialists will tell visitors about refurbishing customer devices, such as Set-top-Box, ONT, modems, and others, since 2018. Refurbishing includes replacement of accessories and boxes, hull machining and painting, hull molding, software updates, and serviceability diagnostics.

The company GWire designs, manufacturers and supplies accessories (cables, adapters, remote controls and batteries, power units, etc.), components for assembling customer devices (hulls, mounting screws, rubber mounts, etc.), printing and packaging material (manuals, warranty certificates, branded boxes, etc. ), and also provides services for testing, assembly, packaging and delivery of customer devices. As of now, GWire has manufactured over 20 million products.