Novosibirsk company Vega Absolut develops new base station with geolocation function

13 / 02 / 2020

The Novosibirsk-based company Vega Absolut will present ready solutions based on LoRaWAN / NB-IoT/ 2G / 3G / LTE technologies including terminal devices, base stations, server and client software at the Svyaz-2020 exhibition.

A new LoRaWAN product is a base station with a geolocation function used to determine the location of terminal devices (sensors, beacons, etc.) by signals coming from LoRaWAN base stations. It allows to locate equipment and/or personnel in the areas lacking signal from GNSS satellites and GSM towers using nothing but ones own LoRaWAN network. The new base station supports up to 64 channels of simultaneous broadcasting and has anti-vandal case with anti-tamper sensors and a lightning rod.

In addition, Vega Absolut will present an indoor base station. The compact station could be used in building smart homes and offices or in the event the signal from a roof-based antenna of a big base station fails to go through the walls of a basement or a well.

A new NB-IoT product is a water meter created in collaboration with Betar. This and other new products will be put on display at the Svyaz 2020 exhibition in Moscow.

Vega Absolut has been designing and manufacturing monitoring and ground transport navigation equipment for over 20 years. Monitoring blocks and location devices are made at a modern plant and have established themselves on the motor equipment market as reliable and precise navigation systems.