SENKO develops next generation of connectors for 200-400 Gb/s networks

19 / 02 / 2020

SENKO has developed next-generation CS and SN connectors for 200-400 Gb/s networks. Connectors could be used by data processing centers, telecommunication systems, and networks of industrial enterprises.

The compact CS connector, which is 40% smaller than LC duplex, used in the QSFP-DD or OSFP form factor, doubles the density of optical connections, increases the capacity of constructs and provides extra connection space.

The SN connector is a new SENKO fiber optic duplex connector with higher reliability and lower form factor, which could serve as an alternative to the MPO connector. It could be used in optical lines with transceivers supporting PSM4, SR4, DR4, DR4 + and SR4.2 applications instead of MPOs that are currently in use.

SENKO designs quality high-speed connectors for modern 5G technologies, cloud services, 4K videos and the Internet of Things.