LLC Orbis Solutions to search for partners at Svyaz 2020 exhibition for installing smart pillars in Russia

28 / 02 / 2020

Orbis Solutions, a subsidiary of Finnish Orbis Oy, hopes that the Svyaz 2020 exhibition will help it find partners for installing smart pillars in Russia.

"It could be big integrator companies to work on park equipment together with us," LLC Orbis Solutions General Director Vadim Kondratyev said.

A smart pillar is a pillar accommodating various devices, sensors, and cameras protected from vandals and weather. Besides, pillars can carry 5G network devices.

Orbis Oy, DNA Oy and Tehomet Oy have recently installed a smart pillar in Tampere, Finland. The pilot smart pillar carries a basic mobile network station, controllable LEDs, a surveillance camera, a USB charging port, and a bench. It also has space for connecting additional equipment in the future.