08 / 04 / 2020

Dear partners and colleagues, dear friends,

The world is going through a difficult time right now. Many of us are isolated at home, working distantly or having involuntary days off, which has greatly reduced economic activities.

Sviaz was launched in 1975. Over all these 45 years it has never been rescheduled but there is a first time for everything. Our main priority is the safety of our exhibitors and visitors. That is why we have come to a decision to reschedule Sviaz 2020 from April to November while carrying out all preparations while working away from the office. We would like to thank everyone who develops, provides and maintains IT solutions to make this kind of work possible.

Nothing is permanent

The current pandemic is a serious challenge for all of us. It has pulled us out of the life we have been accustomed to and pushed us into a different reality. But lets be honest. This is not the first crisis we have ever faced. Some of us can even tell that it is not the second one. Every obstacle and challenge make us stronger, wiser and more prudent. We believe this time is no different. Through difficult times comes a new beginning, and an active economic recovery.

Do not stop

The enforced isolation is temporary. That is why it is not a reason to stop all your activities. On the contrary, it offers a great opportunity to assess the situation, gain strength, and prepare for takeoff, which will propel you to new heights.

We can help you

We have some help for you to make this takeoff. We would like to offer you special terms for participation in the November edition of Sviaz. The offer is valid till April 30.

To learn more, write to the Sviaz team.