Feedback from exhibitors and visitors to Russian Week of High Technologies 2021

21 / 06 / 2021

Vladimir Kononov, Member of the State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly, Chairman of the NTI Expo Organising Committee:

The whole country is represented in the beautiful stands of Russian Week of High Technologies. It is important to say that in these difficult times of sanctions, economic recession, and pandemics, the IT industry is working and gaining strength. It works for the Russian economy, industry, agriculture, medicine, science, education, etc. We have not only oil and gas, but also our intellectual potential. Russia, its power will grow in the IT industry by regions.

Natalia Kasperskaya, President of InfoWatch Group:

At the Russian Software Forum, we discussed issues of import substitution, in particular the role of the Association of Software Developers. Its members are engaged in the development of their own software. On the whole, we can see that the import substitution process is underway. The number of implementations of domestic solutions is increasing. The number of domestic products in the register of domestic software has risen sharply. And of course we are optimistic about the future and hope that we will be able to work together with hardware manufacturers. The forum is a very good platform where government representatives, customers, and developers can meet and discuss topical issues. I would like to wish the organisers of the forum and exhibition good luck and development.

Vadim Pavlov, General Director of the Ulyanovsk Regional Technological Development Agency:

Today is a momentous occasion: the 33rd International Exhibition Sviaz 2021 has started its work. The objective of the exhibition is to bring together in one place the best advanced technologies, technological solutions, and potential customers. Sviaz 2021 ideally solves this task for the Ulyanovsk region as a region for which the IT industry is one of the strategic technological priorities. Participation in this exhibition is a landmark and important event. The group stand of the Ulyanovsk Region presents solutions of the leading IT companies of our region. The Sviaz 2021 exhibition is a step into the future.

Konstantin Lukin, Director General of Supertel:

For us, participation in this exhibition is, on the one hand, a good tradition. On the other hand, we see it as a very good prospect. This is an industry exhibition. It is that intellectual community, that set of like-minded people, even if we are competitors, but like-minded people all the same, which allows us to create something new and interesting. The exhibition also delighted with its extensive conference programme. The things that change society happen at the Sviaz exhibition, because without good communications, without progressive developments in this very field, we have no reasonable future, not only a digital one, but a universal one as well.

Fyodor Tsekhov, Deputy Development Director at Starlink:

Thanks to the Sviaz exhibition, we are constantly finding new customers. The trade show is very good and interesting. We present unique solutions in the field of optical cable and we always participate in this exhibition, we try to show ourselves.

Mikhail Komyshan, Commercial Director at IPCOM:

We welcome everyone to the stand of the Belgorod manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. We are very glad to return to such a large-scale international event as the Sviaz exhibition. Due to the pandemic, we have been sorely missing communication with our customers in recent times, lacking feedback. It is important for us to present our advanced telecommunication solutions at the trade show. We have received positive feedback from all our visitors. The flow of people is great. There is a lot of information. We try to listen to each of our clients and partners. And we are happy to take an active part in building the telecommunications market, because the future is in digital.

Nikita Fomichev, Regional Representative of KIRISUN's International Sales Department:

- This is the first time our company is taking part in the Sviaz 2021 exhibition. Today, we are showcasing to our customers professional mobile radio systems and microsystems, as well as video recorders operating via cellular networks. This equipment is used in the oil and gas industry as well as in transport. We did not expect such an influx of visitors, despite the difficult time. Our equipment is attracting interest and is in demand. A lot of target customers. We have received a lot of contacts and hope for a long-term partnership.

Alexander Kuzovnikov, Deputy General Designer at ISS-Reshetnev Company:

This is the first time we are presenting our stand at this trade show. Here we are demonstrating our promising and already existing developments. The stand presents mock-ups of Glonass-M and Glonass-K spacecraft. We have already had meetings with domestic companies that develop components of spacecraft. Potential customers have come to us, including companies with international participation, ready to consider different options for organising low-orbit constellations. They are also interested in air traffic control and ship movement services. We are discussing these issues. I hope the exhibition will be useful not only for us, but also for all the participants, to whom I wish space achievements and, most importantly, a reliable strong connection.

Alexander Pakhmutov, Sales Manager at MOSKABELMET:

- I represent a Moscow-based communications cable manufacturing plant. Our cable is used to provide communication services, TV, Internet, and allows us to work remotely in a pandemic environment. The exhibition gives us an opportunity to gather our clients and suppliers in one place. To network, to learn new things, to see live what we have seen before only on the internet via video link.

Sergey Shevelev, Regional Sales Engineer for Russia, Belarus, Baltic countries at Quectel:

- Today we are presenting cellular communication modules of our company. A new product is the 5GM modules. They are working samples, which can be used in a real network. New products also include dual-band navigation modules, which provide increased accuracy without the use of corrections. Next year we will present something new. We are very satisfied with our participation in the Sviaz exhibition, where we traditionally take part for a number of years. We are always ready to demonstrate our products in the cellular networks available at the exhibition.

Grigory Lyamin, Marketing Manager at Fanvil:

- The exhibition is interesting. We have a lot of visitors who come from the regions. There are partners who are familiar with our brand. They came here to follow our development trend. I think we showed ourselves in a good light. We have made over a hundred new contacts. We are positive to take part in the exhibition next year. On the whole, we are getting a positive effect from such marketing.

Alexey Nikolaev, Head of Key Account Management at Citilink:

- This is the first experience of our company's participation in this trade show. At the exhibition, we present ourselves as an electronic discounter, being a supplier of any equipment, office equipment, paper, cartridges, phones, computers. Our goal is to meet and attract new customers. We hope that we will be able to prove ourselves and participate as often as possible in such exhibitions in the future.

Yaroslav Tezadov, Head of the IRE-POLUS Transport Network Settlement Team:

- IRE-POLUS is based in Fryazino, in the Moscow region. A distinctive feature of our company is the high localisation of components used in the equipment we produce. I would like to thank the organisers of the Sviaz exhibition for the opportunity to show our new equipment.

Ivan Smolentsev, Sales Director at Race Communications:

- At the Sviaz 2021 exhibition we are presenting mobile satellite communication complexes, our development and production of the Race group of companies. These are stations that make it possible to organise broadband internet access in hard-to-reach places. The stations operate via satellites in geostationary orbit. Primarily Russian components are used in the production process. The localisation of our production is over 80%. We invite you to see our developments and, possibly, make an agreement to purchase our equipment right here.