Russian Week of High Technologies 2022 to become a platform for discussing relevant issues in the digital economy

21 / 04 / 2022

On 2629 April EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds will host Russian Week of High Technologies 2022. This year it is a meeting place for industry professionals to discuss the development of digital economy infrastructure the in the new realities. The Week is held as part of the NTI Expo (ResearchTechnologyInnovations Expo) project, which brings together major event with government participation, focused on the implementation of national projects and the digitalization of the economy. 

Key events of Russian Week of High Technologies 2022 will be Sviaz 2022 the 34th edition of the International Exhibition for Information and Communications Technology, the Navitech 2022 special showcase of navigation systems, technologies and services, the Sviaz Forum 2022, the Russian Software Forum: Effective Solutions, the 15th International Navigation Forum, and the Strategic Session on the Digital Sovereignty Priorities, Human Resources, Laws.

Vladimir Kononov, Deputy at the Russian State Duma, Chair at the NTI Expo Organising Committee

The Sviaz exhibition has been around for more than 40 years. Five years ago, we brought together all fields related to telecommunications and IT technology in Russian Week of High Technologies. Today this Week has already become a well-known brand. This year we are expecting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko, who pays a lot of attention to the development of digital technologies, to attend the opening of the Week. Currently, Russian Week of High Technologies is Russias largest series of events devoted to the digital economy, IT, telecommunications, and mass communications.

Sviaz 2022 will feature solutions for mobile and satellite communications, radio communications, landlines, 5G, IoT, AI, AR and VR, telematics and navigation, data processing and storage centres, TV and radio broadcasting, telecom equipment and network infrastructure, as well as communications cables and power supply systems, electronic components for telecommunications, software, ICT services and much more. More than 160 companies from Russia, Italy, Iran, Kazakhstan, and China are taking part in the exhibition.

The Sviaz exhibition will be complemented by the Navitech show of navigation systems, technologies and services, devoted to solutions in the field of geodata, transport and insurance telematics, connected and highly automated vehicles, geo- and transport information systems, intelligent urban mobility, and satellite navigation.

The key event will be the Sviaz Forum 2022, which will include the Plenary Session on Communications Infrastructure Development as the Basis of Technological Sovereignty of Russia, and four thematic sections.

The Russian Software Forum: Effective Solutions will be an important stage of the NTI-Expo project and an expert platform for tackling challenges related to promotion of Russian software.

Dmitry Fomichev, Mathematical Modelling Director at State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (ROSATOM)

One of the key government objectives is to ensure the technological independence and sovereignty of organisations in industry, education and science, including in the use of supercomputer modelling and engineering analysis systems (CAE-systems).

In 2021, a Consortium of Russian CAD/CAE System Developers was established under the auspices of ROSATOM. It was also a start of a special programme made to ensure the technological independence of industrial organisations in the application of CAD/CAE systems through the development and replication of Russian IT solutions. The national computing platform based on the Logos Platform software was created at the same time. According to the programme's implementation plans, a step-by-step transition to Russian systems is to take place: by 2025 the share of Russian systems is planned to reach 70%, and by 2027-2030 to 100% (while the current level is at 20-25%).

Renat Lashin, Executive Director at the Russian Software Products Association Russian Software

As of today, the Russian Software Association is a flagship of import substitution and has a wealth of industry expertise in the field of Russian software. Within the Russian Software Forum: Effective Solutions, we are going to hold our own session to discuss one of the most relevant and urgent topics, which is the Import Substitution of Engineering Software in Industry and Education. The experts from the Competence Center of Import Substitution in the ICT Sector will join us. We will talk about the main difficulties faced by industrial enterprises and educational institutions in replacing and implementing Russian software, and identify the conditions necessary for effective import substitution of grades of engineering software.

The central event of the year in Russia in the field of navigation and transport technologies will be the 15th anniversary edition of the International Navigation Forum. The Forum, supported by the Roscosmos State Corporation, will feature the Sfera Congress, which will bring together events dedicated to the implementation of the Sfera project, the development of the GLONASS system and its prospects for becoming a global industrial technology, satellite communication systems, and high-precision satellite navigation.

The topics of the Strategic Session on the Digital Sovereignty Priorities, Human Resources, Laws will be no less important. The event is organised by the Russian State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, the Expert Council on Scientific and Technological Development and Intellectual Property of the Russian State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, and EXPOCENTRE AO.

Alexey Vyalkin, Director General at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds

I think that the topic of import substitution will be the main one this years Russian Week of High Technologies, just like it was at the recently concluded Neftegaz 2022. Sanctions pressure calls for quick decisions. I hope that our show and the events of the Week will become a universal tool for monitoring the market and finding new business solutions. We will summarise the suggestions made by the forum participants and send them to the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I am confident that the recommendations of industry professionals and experts will be useful in formulating the next set of proposals to the Russian Government related to support of business in the face of sanctions. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO