Modern trends of cloud technology

27 / 04 / 2022

EXPOCENTRE AO and RBC organised the thematic session on Cloud Technology and Solutions at Sviaz 2022.

In the digital age, cloud solutions offer limitless opportunities for companies from implementing changes at the people, process and technology level to saving IT budgets. What are the trends to watch out for, what are the pitfalls to watch out for when moving to the cloud?

Sergey Krasnov, moderator of the session and TV anchor at RBC said, Our session is dedicated to the development and trends of the cloud market. At the moment, cloud services in Russia are becoming significantly more expensive. The reasons are stoppage of supply of IT equipment to the Russian market by major Western manufacturers, problems with logistics, which started back in the Covid times, and currency fluctuations. All these complex problems need to be overcome and solved somehow. That is why today experts will talk about their experiences, thoughts and new ideas. 

Representatives of the industrys leading companies talked about specific cases: Business Development Director at CROC Cloud Services Sergey Zinkevich, Head of Sales Support for Federal Clients at #CloudMTS Vasiliy Nikulin, Sales Director at MANGO OFFICE Aleksandr Shikinov, Head of the Cloud Solutions Sales Team at VK Cloud Solutions Evgeny Maksimov, Head of the Business Solutions Department at SimbirSoft Anna Shvedova, Head of Analytics at SearchInform, Head of the RUSSOFT Committee on Information Security Aleksey Parfentiev, Project Manager of the Innovation Center at Intersvyaz Aleksandr Goroshko, and CEO at Edelink Sergey Dudin

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