Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade signed a cooperation agreement with RSSU and MIREA

12 / 04 / 2023

At the Sviaz 2023 international exhibition, within the Russian Week of High Technologies, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has made agreements with RSSU the Russian State Social University and MIREA Russian Technological University. From the side of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the agreements were signed by Deputy Minister Vasily Shpak. 

From the side of RSSU, the signatory was Andrei Khazin, Acting rector of the university and a Member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The agreement provides for cooperation in the field of industry, implementation of results of intellectual activity, and development of the training system for the industry. 

Within the framework of cooperation, the parties agreed, in particular, to hold joint educational and competitive events with the involvement of talented young people. The sphere of mutual interests included development and joint use of digital platforms of RSSU. 

We highly appreciate the innovative and creative potential of Russian universities and pay serious attention to cooperation with them. RSSU has recently proven itself as one of the flagships of innovative developments, whose scientific and personnel potential is in demand in modern conditions, and a number of educational and scientific programmes are among the leaders in depth and quality, commented Vasily Shpak. 

The agreement should give an additional impetus to the development of innovative projects of the university, create conditions for implementation of the most promising developments in production, and give our students an opportunity to join the most in-demand modern sectors of economy already at the stage of training. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade is distinguished by its position open to dialogue, long-term thinking, and interest in modern personnel training, said the RSSU Rector and Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrei Khazin. 

In accordance with the agreement, the parties intend to hold joint conferences, seminars, trainings, participate in regional and international events, implement and improve educational programmes in the most relevant areas of economic development. In addition, the information systems of RSSU and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade are expected to be integrated, which will improve the quality of communication in the context of cooperation. 

The development of human resources was also the most important topic in the agreement with MIREA Russian Technological University. From the side of the university, it was signed by Rector Stanislav Kudzh. The agreement envisages the integration and mutual enrichment of information systems, as well as implementation of joint projects, R&D, including cooperation on projects of digital transformation of the Ministry. 

MIREA Russian Technological University trains a new generation of engineers who create hardware and software systems for managing smart manufacturing. Combining equipment into a single system in the universitys laboratories allows creating digital twins of smart manufacturing systems that are as close to the real ones as possible. This makes it possible to develop both new software for production management, debugging, and optimisation of existing production systems and technological processes. 

We are actively developing the universitys infrastructure, creating unique megalaboratories and modernising curricula in order to qualitatively change the level of training of our graduates. The agreement will make it possible to train specialists who will ensure digital transformation of manufacturing industries through automation of production systems and optimisation of production processes, collection, storage and processing of large data arrays using the Internet of Things and cloud services, as well as development and implementation of Russian engineering software and digital platforms, said Rector of MIREA- Russian Technological University Stanislav Kudzh. 

Press Service of EXPOCENTRE AO

Source: the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade