IoT&IIoT World day, Russia took place

24 / 04 / 2024

Russian Week of High Technologies featured the IoT&IIoT World day, Russia. It was organised by the Internet of Things Association with the support of Digital Economy ANO and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The day opened with the conference on Ru IoT: We Have Import Substituted, and What About You.

IoT is a network of devices that communicate with each other over the Internet. There are currently more than a billion connected devices in the world, and more are connected every year.

Andrey Kolesnikov, moderator of the conference and Director of the Internet of Things Association, gave an overview of the Russian IoT market. In his opinion, the volume of the market is over 200 billion roubles a year and it is growing by 20% annually.

Vladimir Dozhdev, Director of the Digital Technologies Department at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, emphasised that the Internet of Things is dozens of interconnected industries and areas and spoke about the Ministrys plans for the development of this market.

Alexandr Danilin, Head of the Competence Center for New Production Technologies (NPT) of the Competence Center of Import Substitution in the ICT Sector ANO, introduced the prospects of creating Russian software and the structure created jointly with government agencies to implement the roadmap for the industry development.

The conference on Ru IoT: We Have Import Substituted, and What About You gathered representatives of the Russian community of experts in the field of the IoT, digitalisation, automation, vendors and integrators. The issues of the current state of the IoT&IIoT market and the reality of import substitution were addressed, the fusion of science and technology and IoT implementation news was discussed. In addition, representatives of leading IoT companies in Russia presented new platforms, products and solutions, and discussed achievements and challenges of their implementation.

More details in the broadcast (Russian only).

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO