RWHT 2024 hosts International Forum on Digital Transformation. Communications of the Future

26 / 04 / 2024

The 28th International Forum of the International Telecommunication Academy: Digital Transformation. Communications of the Future 2024 has opened as part of the conference programme of Sviaz 2024.

The forums programme is varied and includes a plenary session, a panel and several sessions devoted to various aspects of digital transformation in telecommunications. The event will also include summarising the results of the MAC 2024 youth competition and awarding the winners. The forum is attended by MAC academicians, government representatives, agencies, representatives of the regional commonwealth in the field of telecommunications, and many others.

In her welcoming speech, Svetlana Leonova, a member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, pointed out that our country was on the threshold of change. We are moving from a digital economy to a data economy. The digital code is changing, and bylaws are changing. We need to discuss these changes and change the domestic IT landscape for the better. In addition, Svetlana Leonova emphasised that the discussions at the forum will be published in the proceedings of the International Telecommunication Academy and reviewed by authorities.

Arseny Brykin, Director at the Basis Consortium Association, moderated the Plenary Session on Telecommunications and Human Resources for Digital Transformation of the Economy and Social Sphere. Opening the event, he outlined the purpose of this session that was to discuss the present and future of domestic telecommunications and how telecommunications were involved in the global digitalisation of Russia.

Mikhail Katkov, Deputy Head at the RZD Quantum Communications Department, made a report on digital quantum communications as an important part of the data economy and on the staffing of this area.

Artur Lyukmanov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cooperation in the Field of Information Security, spoke about the politicisation of the agenda at international platforms in the field of telecommunications. For example, as he points out, the International Telecommunication Union has started to cut off Russian representatives from discussing standards, development and search for new technical solutions and so on for political reasons after its leadership position was taken by US representatives. According to Artur Lyukmanov, political differences have never been an obstacle to the work of experts in the entire history of this union.

The forum will also host sessions on Technological Transition to Telecommunications of the Future, Infocommunications as the Basis of Digital Economy, and Digitalisation of Education: Problems and Solutions as well as a number of other events to discuss such topics as the application of digital form of transaction in civil turnover, regulation of the telecommunications industry for the development of the country, development of the Russian component base, software and telecom means, and many other relevant issues of the industry.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO