Big Media Communication Forum

09 / 04 / 2015

From May 12 through 14 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosts the first Big Media Communication Forum organized by RAEC. It runs as part of the Sviaz-Expocomm 2015 tradeshow which is a major event in the telecom industry.
RAEC and Expocentre joined their efforts to hold an important three-day event. The Forum will run at four sections to make the most of the area allocated. Such a format enables each visitor to change the sections and monitor sought-after speakers. Moreover, for visitors’ convenience each Forum’s day will be devoted to specific topics:

  • May, 12: the participants will discuss issues on mail and mailing services, e-commerce, delivery.  Speakers will tell about the present situation in the e-commerce market, its development prospects, overcoming the current crisis, role of mailing services in the age of information technologies, and other relevant issues. The round-table discussion will wind up the Forum’s first day.
  • May, 13: data centres, data processing centres, mobile technologies.
    On this day the participants will discuss the issues concerning Runet: its infrastructure, level of serviceability, data centre certification, some aspects of legal regulation, etc. During the open round-table discussion the industry experts will share their ideas on the future of Russian technologies
  • May, 14: Russian software, digital TV. On the third day presenters will speak on the current state of the software market, first results of import substitution, and the market future development.

Sergey Plugotarenko, RAEC Director and the Forum Organizer
“It is the first time that RAEC organizes the Forum on such a large scale striving to make the event interesting as it is, even more attractive. Consulting the leading industry leaders, the Forum committee will choose the most interesting speakers presenting new cases which have not been published anywhere before the Forum. I hope the participants will do it justice. Well, see you as early as in May!”
You will find out everything about the telecom industry, media, and the Internet at the Big Media Communication Forum 2015!