TP-LINK presents new products at Svyaz ExpoComm 2015
Expansion of household product line, ceiling mount NAP, high-power Pharos equipment and third-level switch

24 / 04 / 2015

TP-LINK, an international manufacturer of SOHO and SMB class network equipment, arrived at the Russian market in 2009. The company has made remarkable achievements in the past five years.

According to information provided by a number of analysts, the overall share of TP-LINK retail sales on the Russian market of wireless equipment tops 40% in piece value. The companys customers explain popularity of TP-LINK hardware by a balance of affordable prices and high quality. Product quality is guaranteed by the companys own production facilities (a major network equipment plant in China) and quality control compliant with international standards. TP-LINK features a broad range of products in various categories, as well as high-level service and technical support. The company started to develop a new area, expansion of the business segment product line, in 2014.

The SOHO product line will grow this year with the Archer C2 gigabyte dual-band wireless router, the TL-MR6400 3G/4G router, and RE200 wireless amplifier supporting the brand-new wireless standard 802.11ac. The stand will also display a set of gigabyte MIMO-based Powerline adapters TL-PA8010PKIT providing maximum capacity in electricity networks.

The business segment product line offers new ceiling mount Wi-Fi access points: EAP220, EAP120, EAP110. The devices are intended for use in SMB environments such as restaurants, hotels and education establishments requiring numerous network access points. The device offering a top speed of 600 Megabit per second in dual bands and four inbuilt antennas is the most multifunctional and economical wireless network access point available on the market.

Pharos is a next generation of TP-LINK outdoor devices which made its premiere on the Russian market in February 2015. It is built for wireless data transmission to long distances at a speed of up to 300 Megabit per second. Pharos network access points are an ideal solution for various connection schemes point to point, point to multipoint, and Wi-Fi zones. High-power antennas make it possible to use the device as a client in WISP networks. The all-weather frame and multiple security functions provide stable operation of the device in practically any climate.

Another new SMB product is a third-level managed switch T3700G-28TQ, a reliable and economical solution for networks of enterprises, research centers and Internet provider networks.

The models will be demonstrated at the TP-LINK stand (stand 22D30, hall 2, pavilion No2) at the Svyaz ExpoComm 2015 exhibition on May 12-15.


TP-LINK is a major manufacturer of SOHO and SMB network equipment and a leader on the Russian and worldwide markets of wireless network devices. TP-LINK products are chosen by millions of customers in over 120 companies. The company is constantly developing to supply best quality network equipment to customers across the planet.

Being focused on quality control, production efficiency, research and development, TP-LINK continues to produce award-winning network devices, such as routers, switches, ADSL-equipment, network access points, IP-cameras, Powerline adapters, print servers, media converters and network adaptors. The company has its production facilities and a large R&D unit with a sole focus on research and development of SOHO and SMB innovations. The availability of the companys own well-equipped facilities for scientific research, development and testing helps TP-LINK guarantee high reliability of its equipment and affordable prices.