Results of the presentation on the 22nd International Exhibition STL. Systems for Transport and Logistics 2016

10 / 02 / 2016

Presentation on the 22nd International Exhibition for Transportation Technologies, Logistics Solutions, Services and Storage Systems STL Systems for Transport and Logistics 2016 was made at Expocentre Fairgrounds on the 9th of February. The key speakers were Sergey Gusev, the head of the Exhibition Operating Management of Expocentre ZAO and Liana Kleimenova, the head of the Industry and Infrastructure Exhibitions Division. They presented visitors a new conceptual idea of the STL exhibition, according to which transportation and logistics high technologies became of high priority. Sergey Gusev stated that logistics development was closely connected with high technologies which got into that sector and improved its efficiency. This became the reason for holding the STL, Navitech and Sviaz exhibitions on the same dates as part of the Russian High Technology Week.

According to the head of the Industry and Infrastructure Exhibitions Division Liana Kleimenova, the Russian High Technology Week will allow visitors to see a wide range of high technologies in such important sectors as ICT, logistics and navigation and enable exhibitors to display their developments to a continuous flow of professional visitors. The aim of the Russian High Technology Week is to show the latest trends in the worlds most important sectors under one roof and on the same dates.

The STL main sector is devoted to automation in logistics, transport and warehouse management. All this is unthinkable without navigation solutions, monitoring systems and application software that will be demonstrated at Navitech and Sviaz. The three exhibitions, held during the Week, complement each other, emphasized Sergey Gusev.

STL. Systems for Transport and Logistics 2016 will be devoted to hi-tech solutions for transportation and logistics. The visitors will learn about vehicles and cargo monitoring technology, solutions for Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, e-commerce integrated solutions, and other technologies aimed to make storage and delivery of goods simpler, clearer, and, above all, cheaper. The industry experts will see cargo safety equipment, the latest control and tachography equipment, software and hardware for warehouse automation and inventory management. Some sectors are dedicated to the services provided by transport and logistics hubs, foreign trade, and customs clearance.

The Sviaz 2016 exhibitors will demonstrate solutions for landline, cellular, satellite and fiber optic communications, data networks as well as telecommunications and network equipment, server hardware, equipment for radio broadcasting, application software, solutions for information security, virtualization, Internet-based technologies, etc.

The Navitech 2016 participants will present industry experts the latest scientific achievements and developments in navigation systems, solutions and devices applied in various fields from transportation to agriculture and indoor navigation.

The Sviaz and Navitech visitors, whose business is directly or indirectly connected with storage and delivery of goods, will be able, in their turn, to get acquainted with the STL exposition and establish contacts with exhibitors offering services in warehousing, cargo transportation, and logistics management.

The exhibitions held as part of the Russian High Technology Week are accompanied by a comprehensive program which features

  • Conference on Smart Technology;
  • Big Media Communication Forum;
  • 10th International Navigation Forum.

More than 360 exhibitors will take part in the Russian High Technology Week. According to the forecasts, during four running days the STL, Sviaz and Navitech exhibitions will attract over 50,000 visitors. More than 150 industry media sources provide information support for the event.

The exhibitions held as part of the Russian High Technology Week are organized by Expocentre ZAO and enjoy support of the Russian Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Russian Ministry of Transport, and the Russian Federal Communications Agency. The event runs under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Transportation & logistics is the segment of economy which will develop despite any external circumstances. STL and the Russian High Technology Week face the task of propelling this sector to a higher and quality level. The final result of the events is to reduce the cost of products and subsequently stabilize the economy as a whole.