News of exhibition partner. SwitchRay Launches Advanced Version of its VoIP Class 4 Softswitch

05 / 04 / 2016

Latest enhancements of SwitchRay’s Class 4 solution maximizes profits and simplifies day-to-day activities for transit carriers and service providers globally

SwitchRay, a leading vendor of telecommunications software, is pleased to announce and has made available for immediate purchase its enhanced 4-in-1 VoIP wholesale Class 4 platform for new and existing customers. The latest version of this product had been made simpler-to-use while also maximizing profitability through improved real-time traffic visibility.

This advanced Class 4 version helps more efficiently manage a user’ s VoIP traffic through an upgraded real-time routing setup and improves traffic visibility through an automated profit controlling feature. The SR-S4500 Version 1.5.5 increases efficiency through better traffic handling and management, thereby reducing operating expenses and increasing revenue. Usability has been made simpler thought the new rate import feature, allowing simplified rate import (manual or automatic), template creation for various file formats, error validation, off-peak rates import and updates, route setting preservation after rate update. The new routing setup features also includes temporary disabling of routes with a note, route filtering by originator prefix and prefix negation for originator and terminator.

“We are very excited to release our enhanced SR-S4500 Class 4 solution, which can maximize profits thru real-time traffic visibility,” commented Steve Petilli, President & CEO of SwitchRay. “The SR-S4500 helps our wholesale VoIP customers experience better traffic management and even avoid bad or unprofitable traffic, thereby better controlling and maximizing their revenue”

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