Sviaz 2017: Exhibitor and Visitor Feedback

28 / 04 / 2017

Oleg Dukhovnitsky, Head of the Federal Agency of Communications (Rossvyaz):

Sviaz is part of the Russian Week of High Technologies. There are a lot of exhibitors, a lot of companies, new products and innovative approaches. Rossvyaz traditionally supports this exhibition. Our task here is divided into two big parts. First of all, it is the participation in the exhibition. Here we showcase several companies such as a state enterprise of space communications, a group stand of our colleges, the Marka publishing house, and several enterprises of the Russian system of broadcasting and alert. All of them are regular participants. Every year they demonstrate the latest developments, new approaches and innovative solutions. The second part is to sum up results of the past year and make plans for the coming year.

Yuri Proskurin, Sales Manager, EnerSys:

Our company has participated in Sviaz for quite some time. It is a question of reputation for us. Our products are intended for communications companies that is why we are especially interested in this exhibition. We are happy with clients who come to our stand. We hope that next year there will be even more big players which in its turn attract more visitors.

Stanislav Nikitin, Head Engineer, Shanghai MRDcom CO:

We manufacture telecommunications equipment. We have been participating in Sviaz for many years already. Unfortunately, the exhibition shows that the Russian market is still in crisis. But it is our reality, and we are ready for such conditions. The events audience is wide, and we can find our clients here. This is why we are considering participating again next year.

Igor Kot, Deputy General Director for Marketing and International Business, Gazprom Space Systems:

We take part in federal target programs. We are also socially responsible and fight digital inequality in this country. It is an important aspect and reason to participate in Sviaz. We can negotiate new contracts and services during this show. We show not only our achievements but also our prospects. For instance, we are planning to launch a new geo-based Yamal-601 satellite in 2018. It is expected to substitute the previous one. Thanks to a new frequency range it will increase signal power and expand access to satellite broadband Internet.

Fedor Klimenko, CEO, GreenMDC:

We didnt expect such a buzz. We had more than 400 professional visitors to our stand. The overwhelming majority of them were administrative and technical top and mid-level managers of system integrator of big corporate business from Russia and the CIS. During the exhibition we got many questions about our modular data center, its engineering systems, assembly and delivery. Im proud to say that many visitors pointed out high quality of the modular data centers and attention to ergonomics and technical details. Such interest and positive feedback about our solutions support our confidence that we move in the right direction.